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I don’t have anything that goes with a bright orange handbag, UGH!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


vanessa-hudgensEver wonder out loud…”I really don’t have  anything to go with a bright yellow clutch!”  UGH!  Listen up babes!  The hottest fashion icons out there are showing us how to do it, pay attention! Recently spotted in People’s Style Watch,  Mary Kate Olsen on the red carpet with a bright pink clutch sporting an all black outfit, amazing look!  Vanessa Hudgens with a bright orange clutch and pale pink dress, stunning!Loosen up ladies, & check out the bright color bags this spring, they are everywhere.  And please don’t tell me you have nothing wear to with a bright green bag, the bag is your color piece, DON’T MATCHY MATCH! (was I yelling, I apologize) But seriously don’t pass it up because you think I have nothing to wear with it,  UGH again!  Use it everyday no matter what color you have on, it’s an accent piece, AN ACCESSORY  TO YOUR OUTFIT! oooppps yelling again, sorry.  Just do it!  You will feel the fabulousness and get a lot more compliments on that grass green handbag or clutch than you ever will on your sweet little J Crew pale yellow cardigan, no offense Mrs. O!

Katie Kay Handbags at “Bags and Bottles” to benefit Gilda’s Club

Sunday, March 1st, 2009



 3rd ANNUAL BAGS & BOTTLES!    SUN. MARCH 15th 4-7pm  

Westin Hotel  1900 5th Avenue, Seattle

Experience a new wine tasting & fashion event concept at the swanky confines of the Westin Hotel in Seattle on the afternoon of Sunday March 15th. This exciting event is similar to the extremely popular sold-out “Sips & Shoes” event last November. If you love purses, handbags, and wine, you’ll love “Bags & Bottles,” and also help raise money for Gilda’s Club of Seattle, a support center for those living with cancer and their families, founded in honor of Gilda Radner after her death from ovarian cancer.

Women who attend this fundraiser are encouraged to bring a new or almost new purse for the silent auction portion of the event. Tables in the middle of the ballroom will display 300 of these bags. The perimeter will feature a host of boutique stores with their most current bag & purse designs on display and Northwest wineries pouring an array of their delicious wines, and of course, firefighters will be on hand to sell and sign their 2009 Calendars! To see pics from last years event click here!

Introducing! Katie Kay “Handbags at Home” purse parties if you will

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

bb-red-bag.jpgbagtique-zebra.jpgbb-tyler-tan.jpg       No knockoff purses here, ladies!  That’s how I roll.  Just cool, fashionable, affordable, great looking bags.  How much fun is it to get together with the girls and sip a little wine (or a martuni) gossip a little about the girl who didn’t come, complain about our men, AND…browse through a bunch of cool purses, YAH!  Everybody can afford one of these bags!  My prices range from $50 – $150 and of course you get leather for over $100, Duh! I have every size, every color, every texture, you name it I got it.  No obligation to buy, but many perks for coming or hosting.  Take a look at my website www.katiekay.com under the category across the bottom “Handbags at Home”and get all the juicy details.  Don’t want to muck up all your fabulous plastic slip covered furniture?  Have a party at the office, invite the boss, or the bosses wife, that’ll surely get ya a thumbs up.  Or have a petite party at your favorite watering hole, invite your gal pal that owns the joint or the cool chick behind the bar slinging lemon drops and MGD64′s.  But seriously folks, if I have to watch one more debate and hear that freakin’ “reach across the aisle” statement one more night, I may resort to making crank calls.  So , shoot me an email, ring me up, put a purse party on yer “To Do” list, your friends will thank you, I will really thank you (with some great swag)and you’ll get a new handbag for Fall, YAH! 

End of Summer Sale! Jewelry, Handbags, Home Decor

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

img_3511.JPG    fm-wings-o-love.jpg    flower-candelbra.jpg

Just when you thought KatieKay.com couldn’t get any cheaper, HUH!  A sale comes along and Voila! you get to buy that little something you’ve been craving all year…Check it out; slashed prices on really great jewelry, expensive handbags at 50% off, and even some Cody Foster home decor marked way down.  Gotta make room for all the cool new Fall stuff!  Take a look, have fun some browsing.  Happy Summer!

Handbag News! Coming soon…

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

bb-handbags.jpg tutela-wallet.jpg  hobo-gwyneth.jpg

Look for new leather handbag lines coming soon to katiekay.com,  I am off on a buying trip to find fabulous new handbags for YOU!  I have already received HOBO, BIG BUDDHA, & TUTELA WALLETS (my prices are much lower than you see on their sites, PLUS free shipping, Woo Hoo!) I will get all these beautiful bags and wallets photographed and uploaded on my site within the next 15 days (when I return from my trip).  So stay tuned, all you fabulous “BAG HAG” sisters of mine, some sizzling new purse relief is on the way!

What’s Hot! The Convertible Handbag

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

img_3511.JPG img_3497.JPG img_3521.JPG

What the hey hey is a convertible handbag you say!  Well, I will tell you.  Take your basic fabulous handbag with the cute little handles, add an extra strap or an extender for the handle. Tuck away the short handles and pull out the long strap to wear as a shoulder bag.  YaH! right? I have a few in my store right now, take a look.  I love, love, love the versatility of these purses.  You just never know when your going to need to throw it over your shoulder or just grab it by the handle and run.  Fab-U-Lous! 

KatieKay Handbags Featured On “The Today Show”

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

img_3997.JPG      img_4003.JPG

Handbags from katiekay.com today on the Today Show?  Yeah, that’s right.  Bobbie Thomas the writer of the BUZZ column in (that magazine no one knows you read, HUH!) In Touch Weekly gabs about spring bags this morning with Today’s Hoda Kotb. 

BUT seriously, I was screaming at the TV “I have those 2 bags in my store!” and shown right there in the front row of her featured white’s and soft and slouchy bags are 2 beauties I just received.  She raves about these super fabulous and affordable handbags that can go from summer to fall, (because that old fashion faux paux of no white after labor day is DEAD, thank Goddess).  The 2 fashionistas go on about color, color, color in handbags, flirty pastel colors and bright fun colors. 

Girlfriend, make a statement this Spring and Summer with your bag, no matchy match to your outfit please.  Pair a bright green bag with white pants and a white blouse, throw on some tan gladitor sandals and Voila! you are fabulous…

New handbags, new jewelry, free shipping, what more could you ask for?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Check it out Dawg.  Oooopppp’s sorry, just finished watching American Idol,  LOVE IT!  Best season ever…Ok back to the matter at hand; new handbags, and new jewelry ARE HERE!  YEEEEAAAAHHHH!  You ladies at the Bags and Bottles event, cleaned me out! A special thank you to all of you, we were able to give Gildasclub a very nice donation.  BUT, low and behold and just in the nick of time I might say, 2 boxes of handbags landed on the door step monday morning.  Woo Hoo!  Take a look.  Please enjoy the free shipping and be sure and browse all my new cool stuff while you’re there.  And, Hey! don’t forget to put a little icing on your cakes.  Get it? Icing, cake, ACCESSORIZE!

Handbags, handbags, handbags, every girls obsession?

Monday, January 28th, 2008

img_3520.JPG         img_3534.JPG     img_3518.JPG   img_3442.JPG

Handbags, we all love em’ can’t get enough of em’ and really? “are we ever truly satisfied with our bag?”  No,  I don’t think so.  Oh maybe when we 1st load her up and take her out for a spin at the next gal pal get together to be greeted jealously with the “ouuuu’s and ahh’s”, but then the sparkle wears off and your just left to diggin’ in it for that lost item. Really, we’re just fickle and alittle greedy.  We want more, more, more.  “Oooooouuu that yellow one, oh girl look at that green one!”  I for one love to change out my handbag once a month, sometimes more, shhhhh, because some like to change their bag weekly, and then there are the ones who like to change theirs out everyday, crazy? I don’t know, but really who has the time? Seriously, we are always on the prowl, endlessly seraching for that next super cute bag to give us that umph! to give us that approving nod from our chick posse as well as total strangers.  And if only to be satisfied for a minute, for a day, for a week, and then to be tossed aside for the next cutie.  Even if you’re a bag hag that needs functionality above style, you too are always searching!  In style magazine has a fun article showing us “in your bag”, check out all the different styles of bags we carry and the can’t live without goodies we toss in everyday, just to build and build to a whole lotta craposis! Instyle also featured actress Rose McGowan’s Pinken Mint purse caddy, which I for one think is fabulous because of it’s ingenious use on the airplane flip down tray.  I swear I wrench my neck everytime I fly trying to retreive my bag from under the seat in front of me.  I’m getting one, now! Anyway, wether your style is big roomy bags or small intimate pocket books, handbags, handbags, handbags, gotta have em’ love to love to love em’ and must find the next one!  If you, like me, have a slightly shallow obsession for  purses, God help you! or let me help you, hee hee…take a look, try one out, my buyers are always very pleased with their purchase, I do not lie, especially about bags! Happy shopping ~ Katie “happy to be a bag hag” Kay

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